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The University District - Live Near Your Work

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This University District Alliance rental property listings web page is intended to provide a site where rental property owners can list properties that are suitable for stable tenants seeking quiet, well-maintained housing. It is a free service for landlords with properties in the four University District neighborhoods: Cedar-Riverside/West Bank, Marcy-Holmes, Prospect Park-E. River Road, and SE Como. We are targeting these listings to mature adults who want to live near their work or studies (graduate & professional students, staff, faculty, downtown employees, hospital employees).

The listings will be posted for 60 days. You may re-enter the listing after 60 days as many times as you like. You will receive a link for editing or removing a listing, should you wish to do that. The University District Alliance reserves the right to edit or delete any listing it deems inappropriate.

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We'd like to pass on information gathered in two surveys of the housing needs and desires of University staff, faculty, alumni, and graduate and professional students. We hope that you will find the information interesting and useful. The surveys were done by the U's Office of Housing and Residential Life and by a graduate student at the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (Humphrey Institute).

Responses to the surveys indicate the respondents are looking for: (Note that some of these items may be at odds with each other.)

From the Housing and Res. Life survey of grad and professional students:

Center for Urban and Regional Affairs survey (staff, faculty, alumni, grad & professional students)

The full survey with its many written comments is available here.